Manufacturer of pneumatic fittings, push in fittings, flow control valves and tubing in China.

push in fittings

Sintered bronze element with aluminum body breather vents are most often used on single acting cylinders or valves to reduce the noise levels of pneumatic equipment; prevent open line exhaust dangers; corrosion resistant, high flow capacity with low back pressure; brass mesh screen and aluminum construction provide improved flow, longer life and cleanable element; prevent metal chips, abrasive grits, dust and other contaminants from entering open exhaust ports. Common uses can also be found on vacuum relief or pressure equipment for gear boxes, crank cases, storage tanks or other vessels whenever pressure equipment is required.

Now Pneuflex can supply standard M6, M8, and  M10 female screw threads, they can be installed as a flat integral part of equipment. Until should be mounted in a protective position from excessive vibration. Use wrench on hex head to tighten unit to the device.


emale thread Breather Vents, Sintered Bronze Element, Aluminum Body