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Push to Connect Fittings | Pneumatic Fittings

push to connect fitting

Pneuflex manufacturing has rich experience of over 15 years on designing and producing pneumatic fittings to satisfy various industrial requirements. Push to connect fittings also called push in fittings or connector, compressed air connectors or fittings from Pneuflex provide a convenient and easy method of connecting and disconnecting tubes without the use of tools. Push to connect fittings become absolutely essential to any pneumatic air line systems. Push to connect fittings from Pneuflex are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate metric tubing ranging from 1/8" OD to 1/2 OD" and inch tubing ranging from 3mm O.D to 16mm O.D with different thread types including BSPT, PT, R, BSPP, G, NPT, UNC, UNF and Metric thread.

Categories of Pneuflex's Push to Connect Fittings by Material

  • Composite push to connect fittings
  • Brass push to connect fittings
  • Stainless steel push to connect fittings

Pneuflex's push to connect fittings can accommodate both metric tubing and inch tubing to pipe different thread types.

All push to connect fittings from Pneuflex are RoHS Compliant.

Features of Push to Connect Fittings from Pneuflex

High Quality, Best Performance, Safe Connection.

  • composite push to connect fittings
    1. Composite Push to Connect Fittings

    2. Available in a variety of types, moulds, sizes and thread types to satisfy various metric and inch tube demands. Most generally used in pneumatic system, such as cylinders, valves, FRL
    3. Series: Push to Connect Fittings
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