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push to connect fittings 5 way

Filter Push to Connect Fittings | Pneumatic Tubing

  1. 4mm m4 x 0.7 male connector

    PC 04-M4 | 4mm Tube - M4 × 0.7 Thread Male Connector | Push to Connect Fitting

    PC 04-M4 push to connect fitting male connector is used to connect a 4mm O.D tube to a M4×0.7 female thread inline. The body of male connector is made from nickel plated brass. M4×0.7 male thread is with an captive o-ring for a superior and efficient...

  2. 4mm union straight push to connect fitting

    PU 04 | 4mm Union Straight - 4mm Push to Connect Fitting

    4mm union straight push to connect fitting is used for connecting two tubes of 4mm O.D in the same direction. 4mm push to connect fitting allows to connect and disconnect tubing easily without causing damage to the tubing. 4mm union straight push to...

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